The Wellness Wolf and the CARB-FACTORY


🌮 Carbs are your friends! I have certainly fell into the low carb diet world before and yes they worked, but have you ever been around a person surviving on little to no carbs?.... 


#evileyesallday... Sluggish, and grumpy .. Low Carbs = Alter personality. 😈


Carbs are extremely important macronutrients that we need to function on the daily! 

📝 here's why... 

1. They are the bodies main fuel source.

2. They are needed for the central nervous system to function properly.

(The brain, heart, muscles, etc) 

3. The body can easily process carbs for energy. 


Especially, if you're looking to add some muscle to your physique! When your body is on a low carb diet, it will naturally use your muscle to feed off of... Whhhhaaaa? Bye bye Guns... 😳 Nooooo... Moral of the story ... Eat your carbs and feed that booty!! 💪🏽🏋🏽🍑