steak tacos

Steak Tacos w/ Extra Greens

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Steak Tacos..

Hello Hello and welcome to my world of Tacos!

If you don’t know by now, Tacos are pretty much my favorite food and I might have to repeat that one more time.

Yes, Tacos all day every day! 

So here is my version of Steak Tacos


  • 3oz - Pre-cooked Steak 

  • 3 - Romaine Lettuce 

  • 50g - Cherry Tomatoes 

  • 50g - Cucumbers

  • 45g - Avocado 

  • 20g - Red Salsa

  • 3 - Corn Tortillas

  • Sprouts  


  1. Let’s start by cutting up and cleaning all of our veggies and setting them aside. (Cherry Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Avocado).

  2. Rinsing the lettuce and the sprouts.

  3. Warm up the steak or meat of choice.

  4. Warm up your tortillas. (Either throw them in the oven or warm on top of the stove)

Now let’s get to plating.

5. Lay the 3 tortillas onto the plate.

6. Place romaine lettuce and sprouts on each one.

7. Divide the meat up equally onto each tortilla.

8. Then simply divide all the other ingredients onto each taco.

7. Top with salsa and enjoy. 

And that is it! Tacos are so easy to throw together.. They are honestly a weekly staple. :)

I hope this recipe spiced up your weekly meal options!

Have an amazing day :) 


Melissa - The Wellness Wolf