Intuitive Eating - Principle 7

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Hello Beauty and Welcome on back to blog!

How the hell are you on this lovely day? I hope you’re feeling like a damn bad a$$ and ready to kick the $hit out of your day no matter what point you are in right now. I just had some some cold brew coffee that I made myself.. Therefore, I think it has already kicked in… Which is good… and will help me send you some energy for your day! YES YES YES… Let’s get pumped! 

Principle 7 has arrived and it’s a big one… One that might make you get all up in your feels.. Therefore, I hope you’re ready. Now..    let’s get back to it! I am dedicating a whole episode to this one because the principle is: Honor Your Feelings Without Using Food.

GIRL! How many times have you eaten or drank your feelings away in your life? I feel like there isn’t one person on earth who hasn’t done this… I mean come on even babies in the womb send their mama’s crazy cravings while pregnant… So they are feeling some type of way in there as well… Don’t quote me on that though lol. 

Today, we will dedicate this blog to getting in our feels.. YESSS… How do you guys feel about that? Hahhaha, I literally wanted to say grab some ice cream, but that would be the wrong direction to go right?

Also, before we dive in, If you missed 1 - 6.. I recommend going back to those episodes to catch up and I have linked them below.

Here we go! Emotions… Is anyone already triggered with me just saying “Emotions?”

First off,

There are times when we naturally eat when we are happy and sad, Food has a deep internal connection within us. For example, let’s take it back to childhood… If we fell off a bike and got hurt.. It was usually followed by a quick band-aid clean up with a sweet treat… When we went to the doctor and got a shot it was followed by a lollipop… 

binge eating.jpg

As you can see.. 

Whenever something hurt.. Sweets were given to comfort us and make us feel all better right? 

Now let’s come back to this day in time.. When you feel bad, nervous, or something hurts? 

What do you do? Read a book or grab a sweet treat?  Lol Let’s be honest with that question.

Therefore, we were taught from a young age to soothe with sweets!

Food can be many things comfort, support, love, distraction and so on, but at the same time we have to acknowledge that food isn’t always going to balance out the situation. Sometimes, we simply forget to realize that emotions are good and can help guide us to making the next move in our lives … and by suppressing them with food it dims the chance to expand and grow.

A quote from the intuitive eating book says:

“ Food is love, Food is comfort, Food is reward, food is a reliable friend”.

Now it’s time to notice if we are eating to dull the pain, eating to avoid situations, or simply eating to follow hunger signals. If you’re feeling some type of way.. and your immediate thought is to run to the kitchen. 

Intuitive Eating - Binge Eating.jpg

Stop and start to question if you’re hungry, if you’re avoiding something, if you’re looking for distraction, and or comfort. Here are a few ways that you may use food to cope through your day:

Comfort - If you’re feeling pushed from your comfort zone.. You might revert back to eating food that comforted you as a child. For example, moving away from home or switching careers. 

Distraction - Ignoring feelings that are on your plate and soothing them with a quick slice of cake is easy YES!, but by doing so this only brings a moment of pleasure and then it’s gone. 

AND Guess what your feelings come right on back.. and honestly how much food can you eat until you get sick which may bring on guilt and shame

So you might be thinking…

How do you know if you’re using food to cope with daily emotions?

inutitive Eating - Binge Eating 1.jpg

If you’re continuously eating without being hungry throughout the day that can be a side of food coping. Food can be used to cope with many aspects of your life Career, Love Life, Family Life, Self Confidence, Punishment, and or School Life.. etc 

As a society, I think we have been taught the method of sweeping the $hit under the rug, but truly where does that really get us. With that said, Did you know.. One of the most common reasons for emotional eating / coping is out of pure boredom and procrastination. Have you ever been there? $hit I have been there. Also, I noticed it’s easy to become a nibbler while working on big projects to pass the time. Which is truly a form of unconscious eating.. 

Now, let’s take a minute and ask yourself.. if you have ever food medicated for the following reasons.. Stress, love, anger, frustration, anxiety, depression, punishment and or feeling out of control.

Now if that is a simple yes, which it is definitely for me. After you food medicated did that fix the issue? I’m pretty sure that is a hard no.. Now ask yourself, after food medicating, did you ever feel shame, guilt, or even pain from eating too much?

Well $hit that is another… Yes in my book.

Have you come to the conclusion that Spreading a bowl of Ice Cream over your emotions

isn’t going to solve the problem and it’s probably make it worse in the end.

Food distraction only helps for a moment!

I think there is a better way to deal with your situation and it’s basically called adulting and working through what you are feeling or going through. Yes, easier said than done, but how many times have you worked through $hit and it just felt damn good?

So here are some Steps to connect with honoring your feelings without food. 

Are you tired? - A lack of sleep truly diminishes the ability to make beneficial decisions throughout the day.

What are you feeling? 

Are you going through hardships or in the moment of making a big decision?

Are you suppressing emotions?

Do you feel like you are lacking something in your life?

And when you can connect with what you are feeling or going through.. You can find ways to work it out..

I’m not saying you will never grab a piece of pie while you are feeling some type of way, but if you do that.. grab a piece of paper as well and work out what you are dealing with! I think a lot of it has to deal with hiding the hell away from ourselves and trying to fill voids…, but in all reality, we have to change the situations to fill those voids and make us feel whole.

And once again, All of this is a process and doesn’t happen overnight

Thank you for reading as always you damn gorgeous souls!

Today, I want to leave you with this simple fact… If you’re not happy… you can correct it .. I’m not saying a correction will happen overnight, but just know you have the power to change things over time.. and if you want something in life.. It’s only your responsibility to go after it… We can not dim our light due to others nor blame others.. Because when we blame others it takes the pressure away from us to live our true path… Plus it keeps us in a damn comfort zone that we need to simply kick in the a$$

As always … gotta give the credit to the gurus of intuitive eating, if you would like to dive deeper into these principles I recommend reading The book Intuitive Eating a revolutionary program that works checking out their website at which are both linked down below.

Cheers to all of you!

- Melissa aka The Wellness Wolf

Intuitive Eating - Principles 5 & 6 - Part 3

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Hello Beauty and Welcome on back to blog side of things!

Before you dive in!

Today, I want you to simply give yourself PERMISSION to feel FREAKIN good in your skin because why the hell not!?  You should.. Feel good in your clothes, Feel good in your shoes, Feel good driving in your car.. Feel good walking into work… Feel good eating a damn yummy a$$ piece of carrot cake!!! + many more gorgeous!! and Simply… YESSS…. Because YOU DESERVE THE OPPORTUNITY… EVERY DAMN DAY TO FEEL GOOD….

Intuitive Eating Principles 5 & 6 photo.jpg

So, I want you to take this moment and repeat this statement! “Today, I Give myself FULL permission to FEEL HELLA GOOD ABOUT MYSELF BECAUSE I HAVE NO REASON NOT TO!”

And Stop … Don’t you even dare think of any reasons not to..

Yes, we could all come up with different reasons to not feel good, but YOU HAVE THE POWER.. All the power is in that gorgeous mind of yours..  YOU DESERVE AND HAVE THE FREAKING PERMISSION EVERY DAMN DAY TO FEEL GOOD AS HELL! Okay! … Just so we are on the same page! :) 

AND On that note! Since I KNOW you’re flying FLY AS HELL… let’s dive right into it! 

We are rolling right into Part 3 - of Intuitive Eating. How are you feeling so far? Are you vibing with the principles… Have they made you check in with certain aspects of your life yet? 

I hope these chats are bringing some ease into your life!

Today, we will be going over Intuitive Eating Principles 5 & 6.. If you have missed 1 - 4.. I recommend going back to those posts/podcast episodes to Catch up and get the full spectrum of Intuitive Eating.

Intuitive Eating Principles 1 & 2 - Blog

Intuitive Eating Principles 3 & 4 - Blog

Main Podcast Links

Alright let’s get to it!

Today’s principles are:

 #5 Feel Your Fullness

#6. Discover The Satisfaction Factor

#5 Feel Your Fullness…

Wait what? What does this even mean?

Simply put.. Eat when you are hungry, and stop when you’re not hungry. 

Now let’s expand on it.. A lot of the time we forget to check in with our bodies when we are eating due to crazy schedules, dieting, lacking the care to nourish our bodies, and many more… Also, the simple notion of eating while distracted …YES,  EWD…. Y’all that should be a ticket right there!… Jk, but how many times have you grabbed your food and then sat in front of the TV, Computer, or even cell phone… 

Then all of sudden you look down and think to yourself… “WHO THE HELL JUST ATE MY TACOS? “

Side Note: Tacos are my first love any day of the week!

P.S. If you would like this recipe to these Steak Tacos…. Feel free to click on the picture and you will be taken right over to it! :)

P.S. If you would like this recipe to these Steak Tacos…. Feel free to click on the picture and you will be taken right over to it! :)

With that said, 

Being able to feel our fullness gives us the ability to stop and simply check in before we eat or even during the eating process and also it allows us to enjoy our food more and not just shove it in our face! I became so accustom to eating a meal in 10 minutes or less… that even when I did have time… I did the same… And I literally would have to check in like “Girl! You have no where to be… RELAX… Eat slowly, taste the actual food and texture of it… Hell smell it…

Let those 5 senses get to work….

Intuitive Eating Principles 5 & 6.jpg

For Example: Let’s imagine this scenario together :)
Hearing the crunch of a chip while eating Carne Asada Nachos… and the smell of the cilantro, tomatoes, and onions… While the salsa drips on your fingers and maybe a little lemon juice gets in a cut and it burns like hell, but it doesn’t make you stop eating..

and then you look down and realize you forgot to put some of that beautiful guacamole on your last chip … So of course, you grab another and make sure that chip has a little of EVERYTHING by even picking up a little more meat and adding it on top and THEN…. you pop it in your mouth…and YESSS THE FLAVOR EXPLOSION TRAIN HAS ARRIVED!

And there we go Hear, Smell, Touch, Sight, Taste …. Done and Done…

I hope that didn’t make you hungry lol and to all of you that don’t like cilantro… MISSING OUT MY Beauties… 

Ok ok now back to it,

There are many different types of eaters that ignore the feeling of fullness due to different reasons for example: 

An emotional eater may continue to eat past the point of fullness and beyond until pain starts to form within the body because it is the best way to cope with an individuals current situation. 

A clean the plate eater may ignore any type of fullness, but once all the food is gone that is when he/she checks in and realizes DAMN, I am hella stuffed… Yup, I’ve for sure been on that train before!

Feeling your fullness makes you become highly sensitive to your bodies signals.. Also, it gives you the opportunity to become more mindful when you are eating by checking in with yourself.

For Example: 

When you go to a delicious a$$ restaurant and theres one more piece on the plate and you just can’t get it down because you might pop? Well thats a type of fullness.

I feel like fullness has many different levels… and some that we shouldn’t cross… For instance, what I would do as a child… I felt like EVERY Show that I watched needed a snack to go along with it… I was in constant movie theater mode, but it got to the point where I would eat so much that my stomach would hurt and I would have to lay on it to make it feel better…

So that is probably the fullness you want to avoid…

We all have our perfect level of fullness.. Mine is … well damn! it’s hard to explain lol, but I think it’s when I still have enough energy to walk around and not want to immediately take a nap..

So I will call it Functional Fullness! 

What about you guys? What type of fullness do you like?

Once you’re able to acknowledge what type of fullness works for your body, you will naturally develop the ability to stop there as you eat… And of course, the lavish holidays always pop up, but this can work then as well! 

Another Factor that might make you ignore your fullness is obviously binge eating as well! When I used to binge, I had no control of when I stopped until… I stopped

When there are restrictions placed around food and you finally get it… You might easily switch into the “Screw it mentality” and indulge like crazy. That is why it is important to let go of those restrictions and learn to be around food that currently tempts you!

Let me tell you, coming from a girl that had full outer body binge episodes… Ice Cream and desserts can now sit in my home for a week.. two weeks etc.. because that $hit has no power over me now. Therefore, I might sound like a broken record, but in order to truly get connected with your body and feel safe around food, the dieting mentality and restrictive eating needs to BOUNCE so hard out of your life. 

Girl let me tell you, I will never judge you for anything you decide.. If you want to diet by all means go for it.. I am simply here to pass on information that has truly helped me in my journey of getting past binge eating and bulimia which in turn I hope it will help others feel free as I do around food.

Another big note to add is eat what you enjoy. How many times have you eaten something and it didn’t satisfy any bone in your body and there you were back snacking again just trying to find some satisfaction. 

Life is a beautiful balancing act and that should be your plate as well.. Eat things that make you feel good and give you energy! Eat things that satisfy your cravings.. Give yourself permission to eat what you want and be okay with it! Since I have given myself permission, I don’t binge… I don’t graze all day… I eat balanced meals and I feel good inside.. I feel good from dismissing all the rules I put on my body… 

So what can you do to help feel your fullness?

  1. Take a deep breathe before you eat and shake your morning, afternoon, evening off.

  2. Look at the food you’re eating. Use your senses so you actually know what you’re putting in your mouth.. This will help you slow down to make that mind & body connection.

  3. Chew your food… You are far from a hoover vacuum so use those teeth to chew.. And if you want to test this out.. get a raisin and chew that bastard 10-15  times and see the difference and the flavors that actually pop out. When we vacuum down food, we are missing our human right to use our senses and catch different flavors to enjoy.

  4. STOP EWD - Eating with too many damn distractions… Even if you only have 10 minutes.. stop and smell the damn flowers.. listen to the birds… Guys this is your life! Even if your day is busy AF, you deserve some time to take a minute and chill.

  5. Check in with yourself during your meals.. put down your fork and spoon.. midway through the meal .. internally ask yourself if you’re full!

So those are some tips for feeling your fullness…

Now Moving on.. I know y’all have things to do as well! 

#6 Discover your Satisfaction Factor

Food is absolutely amazing and should be enjoyed when you are eating. When you add guilt, judgement, and restrictions to a meal, ….Hell it begins to take all the fun out of eating. 

It doesn’t allow you to fully be within the moment and enjoy the food placed before you at meal time. I have eaten many meals that were so unsatisfying, I was already thinking about my next meal during that time!

But it doesn’t have to happen by forcing yourself to eat a meal just because you think it will help you lose weight., Like boiled chicken and broccoli…, but low key, I’m not mad at boiled chicken.. okay okay I’m like the 1%. Anyways, by building your meals with enjoyable items it will make you satisfied and you won’t keep looking for the next best thing at 10:00pm at night.

Society has built a way to make people fear the pleasure of food.. Like if it tastes too good, it must be bad and I need to feel guilty that I’m even consuming it.  We have become to comfortable with chasing this ideal of perfection that we even allow ourselves to dismiss the simple pleasure of eating so casually. 

When you give yourself the ability to be satisfied throughout your day by the time night comes.. you will be ready to relax and end your night without tearing up the kitchen like a gremlin.. Been there… done that!! 

This is how I imagine myself as a previous binge eater… a face that truly owns binges

This is how I imagine myself as a previous binge eater… a face that truly owns binges

This also brings us back to paying attention as you eat… Did you ever notice that when you’re eating a boring so called diet meal you have no desire to pay attention, but the moment your favorite treat gets put in front of you.. you savor EVERY SINGLE BITE! Yup thats pure satisfaction right? And you can have that more often by checking in and simply asking yourself..

What do I feel like eating?

How can I make my meals more enjoyable?

Why would I eat that if it tastes like crap?


Pay attention to how you prepare your food.

Be mindful of how you’re feeling as well. Man have you ever eaten angry as hell? Yup, it’s not a good experience nor good for your digestion. When your body is tense and stressed out that last thing it wants to do is digest food. So as crazy as this world can be.. try to relax and calm yourself when it is meal time

Give your body a break and let it enjoy the fuel it is getting while your tastebuds run wild.

YES! Another mouthful I know… I know, I am throwing so much information at those beautiful ears of yours, but if you ever have any questions… Feel free to contact me and ask away!  And once again, All of this is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. It’s okay to take your time with it.. That is the best way.

And that is it for part 3!

Thank you for reading as always you damn gorgeous souls!

With that said, … I gotta give the credit to the gurus of intuitive eating, if you would like to dive deeper into these principles, I recommend reading The book Intuitive Eating a revolutionary program that works checking out their website at which are both linked down below.

Also, If you’re ready to dive the hell in and work through finding food freedom with full support, I offer 1:1 Coaching and you can check out more information here or shoot me an email at with 1:1 Coaching in the Message field.

This is what I am here for… to help others live a smooth and pain free life around food, but it can be a damn dark alley y’all! Especially, fighting it alone. I would absolutely love to help you on your journey to food freedom, and eliminate any type of binge eating with simple mindset shifts.

I would love to hear where you are at in your intuitive eating journey… Your wins and struggles as always.. Drop me a line on social media @thewellnesswolf

If you ever have questions on other topics that you would like me to address feel free to submit them on my website in the contact box below or slide into my DM’s on Insta lol!

If you would like the Podcast version of this blog.. The links are right below.

and tiill next time - Cheers, Beauties

XoXo - Mel

Intuitive Eating - Principles 3 & 4

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Hello Beauty and Welcome back for Part 2 of our discovery on Intuitive Eating together.

Today, we will be going over Intuitive Eating Principles 3 & 4.. If you missed 1 & 2.. I recommend going back to that blog post to Catch up beauty and I linked it right below.


Alright let’s get to it!

Today’s principles are:

#3 Make peace with food

#4 Challenge the food police 

Now let’s dive the hell in!

#3 Make Peace With Food

Making peace with food is the opportunity to allow food to lose the power and become neutral within your life. It’s seriously time to be ok with acknowledging and consuming what you’re craving. Once you know that you can have an item anytime, food 100% loses the power and it helps minimize binge eating and eventually allows it to come to a complete stop. 

By restricting certain items, it’s natural as humans to want or crave what we can’t have. We are damn rebels yall! And you know WHAT… Once food is neutralized, it takes away the guilt factor when eating a certain item and it actually gives you the opportunity to enjoy it! 

And then we can say.. “Have your cake and eat it too!”

Intuitive Eating Principles Blog Photo 1.jpg

Side Note: I love all animals.. Therefore, don't mind me while I use them to reference important notions in my posts.. :)

On that note, let’s get back to it…. Food is DELICIOUS and should be enjoyed. :) Like… I will travel for food and I have no problem saying that! And Listen up here!

You shouldn’t have to work it off in the gym!


Work for it in the gym!

Trust me.. I’ve been there and done that and Your girl is seriously not going back to those days! If you’re in that stage right now… I’m am sure as hell happy to help you climb out of it!

Therefore, if this is a point that you’re at right now… Take a minute and think to yourself! 


You’re literally creating punishment around something that should be enjoyed. Trust me, I know it’s SOOOOO damn easy to get caught up in fitting in a smaller size or thinking your worth will expand as your body diminishes… BUT TRUST ME… 



WHY CAN’T THAT BE PUT ON an Ice Cream BOX?!!! … SERIOUSLY.. You know what?  I would create an Ice Cream Brand AND PUT HELLA POSITIVE VIBES all over my damn packaging! NOTE to future self! Like girl! This ice cream was created for you and your gorgeous body! I would have flavors like:

Cheers to you Cookie Dough

Chase Your Dreams Mint Chocolate 

You’re a Bad a$$ Rocky Road

Rock your Life Strawberry Short Cake

Oh my, I need to stop because I could Probably keep going. Okay.. Let’s focus, Intuitive Eating has helped me realize that food is just food and no punishment should surround it. I have come from a 20 year off and on binge eating habit to neutralizing the hell out of it. I would label foods clean and dirty or good and bad! 

But.. Making peace with food allows you to equalize things and obviously some foods have more nutrients than others, but it takes that cage away from items and you realize they are simply just FOOD! 

This is when you start to utilize the signals within your body and honestly eat as you please in a calm friendly environment. Listen to your system to tell you what feels good and what doesn’t feel good.

The last main note to catch is…. having an abundance of restrictions to certain foods.. ultimately lead to overeating and binge eating.

So what can you do to minimize it?

You will have to start looking at foods and learn how to kill the good and bad labeling! You will have to start giving into cravings and being ok with eating them. That is how I started…

okay let’s get into a lil Story TIME! 

I remember the first day I said “the hell with dieting”, I went to get gas and normally ALL gas station food was HELLA Off limits except water or a banana … etc Geez

Anyways, when I stopped, I noticed I was hungry and I wanted a snack… So I strolled down the aisles with the diet mentality slowly creeping behind me ready to attack and….

Intuitive Eating Principles blog photo 2.jpg

You know what, I reached the hell down and picked up a pack of red sour power straws!

Yes, those beautiful chewy red ropes covered in sugar that I have loved since I was a child, but have denied for so long!!!! I bought them… Yup I sure did…

I finished pumping my gas and I cleaned my hands. Then I opened the package and took one out.. ate it and waited for any guilt to set in… Then I ate another…and I had one more and then you know what I put the package away for later. 

Screen Shot 2019-07-31 at 3.06.12 PM.png

That was it.. No guilt set in, I didn’t devour the whole package and I was okay, but I really think that I was already SO FAR OVER DIETING AND DIETING CULTURE that I knew this was  the better way to live my life. 

Everyone tackles this step at their own pace and that is 100% okay, I mean diet culture is SO FAR ingrained that is will definitely take some time to unlearn and replace it with more reliable information. 

With that said, here we go.. Moving right along to Principle #4

#4 Challenge The Food Police 

There are so many thoughts and pressures from society that judge an individual for the way they generally consume food. The Food Police can be looked at like the little devil or angel that sits on shoulders and says good or bad.

The food police creates a crappy amount of guilt around food within you your brain and this principle allows you to take any type of food scolding out of the equation. It seriously offers you the ability to listen to your body and eat what you want without any type of outside judgement. 

It’s a game changer! It prompts you to open your eyes and see how the individuals and or environment around you might be affecting your eating habits. As a human we tend to gravitate toward food rules set by society due to social media, advertising, movies, social circles… etc 

For Example:

A salad would be labeled as good and healthy yet… a pizza would be labeled as bad and unhealthy.


Don’t eat past 8pm, you will gain weight if you do.

Stick to low carbs if you want to loose weight. 

Therefore, when we begin to consume items that society or even us has labeled internally we then start to associate our habits with good and bad / healthy and unhealthy. Once that registers in our mind … All hell starts to break loose… it also begins to influence our thoughts about ourselves as well as our actions.

And that is CRAZY… Because it’s simply food. Once again, it is simply food!

We have enough stress in our lives to add the simple action of eating to it!

Another Example:

Perhaps, I am feeling myself to the T and then I decide to eat Pizza & Ice Cream which are both labeled as bad foods. 

My thoughts can easily shift to ugh, I’m so unhealthy..I feel like a pig, Im totally going to gain weight now, Im never going to fit into that cute ass polka dot swimsuit if I keep eating like this.. 

Now, let’s dissect the hell out of this example…

  1. Why do I feel like a pig? For eating food and fueling my body with things I like? Hmm Nonsense

  2. I’m totally going to gain weight? From 1 meal? You know what… Yes, probably due to carbs needing extra water to process in your body and then it will balance out again. But overall.. More Nonsense

  3. Im never going to fit into a swimsuit! Actually, you will always be able to fit into a swimsuit because there is not a damn certain size that says swimsuits only… NONSENSE

So with that said, Challenging the food police allows you to create your own rules and not follow the mainstream style of restrictive eating and judging the hell out of your actions and body. 


Why would we want to consistently label ourselves as bad when we are simply living life and feeding our bodies! 

The thoughts that you create within your mind are SUPER powerful and can take a damn dazzling day straight to a visit to hell! Like have you ever been there? If, so you know what I’m taking about!

So what can you do to minimize it?

My friend.. It is your time to create your rules.. That will only benefit you and your beautiful self! 

Whenever negative thoughts creep up about food.. Challenge that $hit

Say to yourself! "I am hungry and I craving this and it’s 110% okay! so I’m going to eat it in peace Byeeeeeee…..

Also, acknowledge the hell out of your thoughts!

What is making me feel this way? 

Did I create these negative thoughts or did society influence these thoughts?

Then you’ll be able to start separating your thoughts from the dieting culture.

And once again, All of this is a process and doesn’t happen overnight, but trust me you can shift that intelligent mind of yours to fully support you over time!

Thank you for reading as always!

If you would like to dive deeper into these principles, I recommend reading “The book Intuitive Eating  a revolutionary program that works” by the intuitive eating gurus and checking out their website at

Also, If you’re ready to dive the hell in and change that gorgeous mindset of your.

I do offer 1:1 Coaching and you can check it out here 1:1 Coaching Program and sign up for a Free 25 Minute Consultation to see if my program vibes with you! I would love to help you on your journey to food freedom, eliminate any type of binge eating, and increase a damn clear powerful mindset within you.

If you have questions… Feel free to post them here

I would love to hear where you are at in your intuitive eating journey… Your wins and struggles.. we all go through them!  Drop me a line on social media or let me know how it is going so far.

My social media link is below!

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Thank you for spending time with me, I hope this post was informative. If you think anyone in your life would benefit from this blog please share it out and if you link it on social media.. OF course tag me so I can thank you personally!

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I hope you have an absolutely damn fabulous day. 

Till next time - Cheers, Beauties

Melissa aka The Wellness Wolf

Intuitive Eating - Principles 1 & 2 - Ditch the Binge

Intuitive eating (1).png

Hello Beauty!

Let’s get right to it… Intuitive Eating is the topic for this post.. 

Well.. What the hell is Intuitive Eating Melissa? And Gorgeous I am going to let you in on the Jam right now.. Is that a saying? The Jam

Intuitive Eating is a way to fully connect with your body on multiple levels while ditching any type of dieting, restrictions, and guilt around food or your body size. 

So let’s take a minute to get you excited about this concept here are A few things that you might get rid of while following the intuitive eating principles..

  1. A mind only focused on food & your weight.

  2. Weighing your food oz by oz, gram by gram, and counting macros or calories all day long.

  3. Extremely long horrifying gym sessions.

  4. Restricting yourself from foods that you LOVE!

  5. Constantly comparing yourself to others.

  6. Daily scale weigh ins.

  7. Avoiding Social Gathers.

  8. And the biggest one for me was getting rid of BINGE Eating. 

And here are A few things that you might gain while following  the intuitive eating principles..

  1. More time for things you love doing during the day.

  2. More brain space to attack new or old goals.

  3. Eating food you love without any type of guilt surrounding them.

  4. Learning to like your shape and embrace the hell out of it.

  5. Incorporate movement that you enjoy even if it’s only 20 minutes a day.

  6. Going to social gathers where you can enjoy the food and the company.

  7. Living a binge free life (and if you have ever binged.. you know it’s like an outer body experience).

And now let’s dive right into it!

For one, It is important to realize that when we begin to diet, we allow others to dictate our exact daily steps. Basically like robots. Ex. Fast with celery juice, run 2 miles and then 2 more, cut the carbs, be ashamed that you aren’t a size two, only eat bacon all day, …… if you look like her, your life will be so much better.., Eat potatoes all day.. etc etc etc ETC

Intuitive Eating Blog Photo.jpg

Do you see where I’m coming from? Yup! This damn cute puppy feels the exact same as I do about dieting culture! ….. and that is diet culture pulling all of the strings. By following all these diets that take over our lives, it encourages us to forget how to listen[] to #1 which is our body. 

Intuitive Eating helps you connect with your bodies internal signals and learn to feel safe and happy within your damn gorgeous skin by rebuilding the trust that we once had as kids.

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And this is how I represent happy kids with no worries.. My sis and I rocking BRIGHT YELLOW track suits..., But you know what I would honestly rock the same one today lol.. What can I say, I like bright things. Can you tell which one is me?…… If you guessed the right cutie! Then you get 1000 points for your day!

But really think back to when you were a kid .. playing in the dirt outside, walking around probably with a little food on our face, and perhaps rocking matching outfits with your siblings… Like did you care about limiting your cake intake? Did you care about what size clothes your parents were purchasing for you? Probably not… You were most likely just looking for your next playdate….

And I’m not saying everyones childhood was perfect because mine definitely wasn’t, but I still felt free in my skin and eating habits… until the teenage years…, but we can leave that for another blog.

My side note is done and now back to it! lol

There is no right or wrong way… or no IDEAL Beauty! We are all damn beautiful in our own unique way! Yes, Say it out loud “I am damn beautiful in my own way and unique as hell”  $hit.. Say it again girl!

So much truth in that statement!

If you have ever been on a diet.. you know that it is mentally and physically draining. Also, not to mention the moment you perhaps slip up on your diet …a food war of binging begins and sometimes never ends.

So this is where intuitive eating can drive you in the right direction by helping heal yourself from diet culture, heal your mind around food, heal your mind around body image, reconnect with your bodies hunger signals, and enjoy a world that is ultimately hella restriction free!

So.. Let’s get to The Jam… There are 10 principles to Intuitive and I am going to go over 2 today and 2 for the next following 4 blog posts… I am spreading it out because I truly want you to understand it and see the benefits of intuitive eating. 

So Beauty, are you ready to begin a life without restrictions around food? If so, give yourself a quiet little “hell yeah” if you’re in a busy space.. and a loud “hell yeah” if you’re free to speak loudly!!

The first 2 principles that we will cover today are:

1. Reject the Diet Mentality

2. Honor Your Hunger

#1 Reject the Diet

This helps you.. Throw any type of diet far from your mind. Diet mentality is very strict and one sided. By rejecting diet mentality, you will no longer give into the constant desire to physically change your body. Instead of seeking the “Perfect body” that doesn’t exist.. you will be able to learn to accept the skin that you’re in! Diet culture creates a picture of this ideal lifestyle and body type, but they forget to tell you that 95% of diets fail y’all. Yup that rights… I can look back at my diet pattern and already see that is pretty damn accurate. How about yours?

Diet culture helps brainwash society into thinking that one size is more superior than the other… And with that statement alone we should know something is truly off with their message and I don’t have time for that and you shouldn’t either…. Even though, it might to be the wrong message that they are sending, and if it’s making them money, I doubt they will be stopping anytime soon.

So here are 4 steps to ditching Diet Mentality straight from the intuitive eating gurus:

1. Begin to understand that diets are very damaging to your body and mind.

2. Confront the different ways that diet mentality might effect your life on a daily basis.

3. Throw away any type of tool that helped you diet. Ex. Food Scale, Scale, Waist Belt.. etc.

4. Begin the healing and kindness towards yourself.

Take note of these above, so you can really consider how it actually effects your life daily. 

Here are some Examples of how they can distract your life:

  1. Denying invites from your friends due to eating out. (Social Life)

  2. Focusing on weight everyday and getting mad if you gain a few lbs. (Mental Health / Confidence)

  3. Scheduling events around weight loss ex. Photo Shoot or upcoming Birthday, Travel plans And that is only a few, but I bet we could come up with a lot more. (Social Life)

  4. Not feeling comfortable being intimate with your partner (Love Live)

Now let’s move right on to 

#2 Honor Your Hunger

When you are dieting 90% of the time, you forget to listen and acknowledge the signals that your body is sending you. By honoring your hunger, it gives you the chance to listen and eat when your body is hungry and stop when you’re full. 

Once your body knows that it will be fed consistently, it will stop sending out massive craving signals. These signals are sent out to help your body retrieve the food and nutrients that it needs daily.

So long story short… When you’re having all these crazy cravings on a diet.. It’s not because you can’t control your hunger.. It’s simply because your body is telling you that it is lacking nutrients and fuel. It sends out bat signals that become SO Strong that even you cant deny it! The body will find it’s fuel no matter what! 

For example: Being in tune with your body is as simple as waking up and if you’re hungry eating and if you’re not waiting until you’re hungry to eat. 

Sometimes, I am hungry when I wake up and I eat and if not, I move on with my day.

Also, sometimes when I know that I won’t be able to eat later, I will pack or eat a small snack to avoid Operation HANGRY Melissa.. No one has time for that lol. So it’s about knowing your habits and what is beneficial to have a success day amongst food.

When I was trying to heal my binge eating, I know that if I skipped a meal it would be a recipe for disaster come later.. Therefore, I would set myself up for success by planning meals that my body would enjoy and not feel the need to binge.

By honoring your hunger, you can expand and eat the foods you love because your body will naturally moderate it for you. 

Perhaps, I eat dinner and I’m still hungry and theres a lovely slice a cake with my name on it. I’ll get the piece of cake and maybe half way I’ll hit full.. then I’ll stop and save the rest for later. 100% Nothing wrong with eating cake… Especially, carrot cake! Of course you know now that I have to insert a picture of a carrot cake.. Therefore, I apologize in advance if I trigger any of you, but I want you to know it’s 100% okay to eat the foods that you’re craving gorgeous!

Also, speaking of honoring your hunger… it truly helped me with cravings as well. 

Before, I restricted so much that when I went on vacation or had a cheat meal, I would eat myself sick because I felt like this wouldn’t happen again or for a long time. Have you been there before? Oh My… The food literally had SO MUCH power over me… Did you ever feel this way?, but you know what…

Once I started approaching food with my body as a guide, If I was craving Ice cream, I would buy it and simply eat a portion and you know what? I was good because I knew that it was there if I wanted it and no one was going to take it and cage it up again till next month.

Food honestly lost the power over me and I gained control again! I stopped binging and began feeling guilt free when I did eat a so called “treat” which is literally just food. 

Now, I’m not going to lie switching over to Intuitive eating is a process and it is damn scary in the beginning…. Especially, if you’re coming from a place of binge eating or extreme team weight loss. Which I came from both, but y’alll I would do it again!

In the beginning, you learn to let go of any restriction. I was so scared to give into cravings and once I did.. I did indulge a bit more and I did gain some weight because you kind of feel like a kid in a candy store at the beginning. 

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Welcome my friends, welcome to my chocolate factory.
— Willy Wonka

It was like a scene out of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, where there are so many options place in your face, but trust me they got old pretty fast. I didn’t only get them on special occasions… I could have them whenever and they started to lose their appeal and that is where I am at now. I eat what I am craving, I eat well balanced meals that give me hungry and support a regular system. When I was in Willy Wonka mode, my body started to feel it and I felt slow, constipated, not as energetic and ultimately that is not how I wanted to feel daily.. Therefore, I learned how to balance the hell out of my eating habits.

Once I got over that initial stage, it was a very powerful leap for me for seeing food as a neutral and powerless item and I recommend it if you’re seeking food freedom in anyway. 

So today as you go through your day, listen and acknowledge your bodies signals.. If you’re craving a cookie.. Eat it my love…. If you’re craving an apple.. Eat it girl! And then proceed on with your day.

Also, acknowledge how diets might be taking away from the joy in your life like the examples above and start making small changes.

That was it for the first part of my dive into intuitive eating with you.. I would love to hear your thoughts or questions on these two principles..

Have you noticed that dieting effects your quality of life in anyway?

If you have any questions… Feel free to post them here or via instagram @thewellnesswolf

Beauty! Thank you for spending time with me. I hope this blog was informative and it really made you think a bit.

If you think anyone in your life would benefit from this post please share it out there… We can be on a mission together to help every one feel damn good in their skin!

Also, here the link to my podcast on this exact topic which covers a lot of the same things, but an easy to listen to version.

And if you would like to dive even deeper after this post, I highly recommend reading The book “Intuitive Eating, a revolutionary program that works” and checking out their website at

Thank you for reading with those lovely eyes and I hope you have an absolutely damn fabulous day.

Cheers beauties..

Talk soon!

Melissa aka The Wellness Wolf!