Let's gab about Protein

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Let’s look into the power of protein.

Protein is the main building block of your body which is broken down in to amino acids. it’s also the one macronutrient that you can not store. With that said, a lot of people tend to aim for a higher protein diet because it can help speed up your metabolism due to it TEF (Thermic Effect of Food). TEF is the amount of energy your body needs to break down a particular macro. Therefore, on that scale protein takes the cake…. Also, I would like to take the cake too, but thats another post… Let’s continue… 

Now, if that isn’t already a winning addition let’s look at a few more protein benefits.

Benefits of Protein

Retaining Muscle - -

When you’re on a mission to lose weight, you want to keep as much muscle as you can. The reason being the more muscle within that gorgeous body of yours… The more fat your body will be able to burn on a daily basis. YES, I know pick up those weights beauty!

Replenishing your body - -

After getting that killer session in at the gym/park/home/hike/yoga.. etc. There are many options to get your workout in and protein will help you restore your body from your workout as well as the daily wear and tear. 

Hungry much? - -

Well protein can help keep you full and reduces the hunger hormone gherlin in your body. It keeps you nice and satiated throughout the day!

Nitrogen Positive - -

In order to build valuable muscle, we need to have a positive nitrogen balance in our body and that lovely thing called protein is the only carrier out of all the macronutrients. Now, You should know what’s coming… Yes, we need to eat enough protein daily to stay in the arena. With a positive balance, it helps your body recover faster from your previous workouts, maintain and influence beneficial muscle growth. More muscle… faster metabolisms, more fat loss! HEEEEY!!

So how much protein should you be eating a day to help build that shapely body? 

This question can be answered in multiple way depending on your lifestyle, but for the average beautiful human the rule of thumb is when working out and trying to change your body composition it is about 1.2g - 1.5g per lb of lean body weight.

Yes, people might not know their lean body weight… So here are a few other options:

You can go by your ideal weight: 

For instance, If you’re 150lbs and want to weigh 125lbs. Consume 125lbs

You can consume 30% - 35% of your total daily calories:

For example: 1800 calories per day

1800 - 135 (30%) & 157 (35%)

Again, It all depends on your goals and activity levels. I tend to stay closer to the 35% because my body naturally feels better and works better on a higher protein lifestyle. 

There is a dabble into the world of protein… I hope it helped you understand the importance of getting your daily intake in.

Also, if calculating your daily intake sounds like a pain in the a$$, or you just want some more information on to get your macros started.

I do offer one-time macro nutrient coaching to help you get started. ——->

Happy Monday & Get that protein in Awesome Human!


Melissa - The Wellness Wolf