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So lets talk about Multi – Vitamins….

Now the majority of us take some form of Multi-vitamin to maintain our levels and balance out any deficiencies.

As we chug down the daily dosage – Do you know exactly what it’s doing? How is your body benefiting from each supplement named on your bottle?

How many of us even take the time to acknowledge what is in our Vitamin bottles? The that fact it says Multi –Vitamin?. .It’s perfect right?.. No need to do any more research…right?. Wrong… We should know what is going in our bodies… Let me tell you that I learned so much from doing this blog… #righttherewithyou

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Okay – So The Wellness Wolf is ready to drop some knowledge on you AND myself  :+) 

I currently take: Nature Made – Multi for her


We are going to dive into each item on the bottle and truly acknowledge how they are beneficial to the average individual…

Now, I know everyone isn’t using this supplement, but I’m sure the majority of the items listed here will be in your Multi – Vitamin as well..

Are you ready? Do you have Water, Coffee, Tea or a Snack? ….. And we are off…

I will be giving you the main benefits for each listed item.

Side Note: Please remember that I am in no way shape or form a doctor of any kind. Please use supplements at your own risk.

I have acquired this information by studying the following sources at the end of the blog:

Okay, Here we go.....

Vitamin A – Helps maintain the Immune system, good for vision and Skin

Vitamin C – Helps cure the common cold, antioxidant, fights cataracts, lowers blood pressure and protects the body from infections

Vitamin D3 – Helps process your Calcium and Phosphorus intake within your stomach and Increases Calcium in your bloodstream

Vitamin E – Antioxidant, Immune system function and great for hair and skin

Vitamin K – Anti-Inflammatory

Thiamin (Vitamin B1) – Is used for digestive problems, AIDS and helping to boost the immune system and treat Beriberi

Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) – Antioxidant, prevents headaches, breaks down proteins, fats, carbs and helps treat anemia

Niacin – (Vitamin B3) Helps arthritis, reduces cholesterol and is beneficial for Cardiovascular health

Vitamin B6 – Healthy brain function, maintaining nerve functions, helps form red blood cells and helps break down proteins

Folic Acid – Helps to prevent miscarriage, helps memory loss, and helps to prevent colon and cervical cancer

Vitamin B12 – Converts carbs in glucose, healthy regulation for the nervous system, reduces stress, protects against heart disease, helps against cancer, beneficial for healthy hair, skin and nails

Biotin – Beneficial for healthy hair, nails and skin. Supports the digestive tract, metabolism and cells.

Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) – Stress reducer, heart health, healthy hair and nails, Immune system health and Stamina builder

Calcium – Beneficial for strong bones, maintains weight and Possible a cancer fighter

Iron – Muscle function, brain function, and transports oxygen through the body

Iodine – is needed in the body for normal growth and development – Iodine controls the functioning of the thyroid glad.

Magnesium – Helps reduce migraines, lowers blood pressure, treats diabetes and prevents cardiovascular diseases

Zinc – Beneficial for the immune system, fertility, taste, smell, appetite, growth and cell division.

Selenium – Fights against viral and bacterial infections in the immune system, supports thyroid function, antioxidant, it is currently known to help prevent cancer. Healthy eyes and hair and helps absorb Vitamin E

Copper – For copper deficiency, treating anemia, helps heal wounds, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

Manganese – (Weak bones) Bone development, blood sugar control, wound healing and helping menstrual symptoms

Chromium – Helps the metabolism, reduces food cravings, and helps move blood sugar from the bloodstream into your cells (helps control blood sugar)

Molybdenum – Fights inflammatory diseases, may fight anemia and help break down proteins

 Well there you have it! Here is a simple list of all the benefits from our daily vitamin.

I hope you were able to learn a few things today!

Happy Supplementing!

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The Wellness Wolf