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Ahi Tuna Egg Omelet

Egg Omelet .png

Here is a quick & tasty Brekkie omelette! 

Eggs are definitely a daily staple in my life... How about y’all? I’m not going to lie this omelette looks pretty legit lol. Anyways, Let’s get to the recipe and instructions.


  • 2 - Eggs scrambled and seasoned w/ salt & pepper 

  • 2oz - Ahi Tuna

  • 60g - Zucchini 

  • 50g - Cherry Tomatoes 

  • 40g - Spinach

  • Himalayan Salt 

  • Cracked Pepper 


  1. Scramble the eggs in a bowl + add your desired seasoning and place to the side.

  2. Cut up the zucchini and cherry tomatoes.

  3. I used pre cooked ahi tuna from the night before.. Leftovers for the win :) 

  4. Heat two non stick skillets and spray in your oil of choice. I usually add a little oil because some non stick skillets like to fight back.. Am I right? One on medium heat and one on low heat.

  5. *I usually use a pan close to the size of my desired omelet.

  6. Add your eggs to the low heat pan and swirl around until the pan is entirely coated with egg gold.  Allow the eggs to cook for about 2 minutes until slightly runny and then place a lid over your eggs for another 2-3 minutes to steam and cook the top part.

  7. While you are waiting for the eggs, add the zucchini and ahi tuna (or meat of choice/ non meat) to the medium heat pan + your seasoning of choice.

  8. Saute the veggies and meat while the omelet is cooking.

  9. After the omelet is cooked, I like to slide it onto a plate and then place my ingredients on top of one half.

  10. I added the cherry tomatoes at the end for a nice fresh element. If you rather them to be cooked, throw them in with the zucchini and meat. 

Simple yet tasty! 

Happy Eating as always!

Melissa - The Wellness Wolf