Coachella tips

Coachella Tips & Packing List

Coachella Tips & Packing List

What's up Coachella Fam!! How are you? Melissa here and...I hope you are feeling well! I just finished my 5th year of Coachella and I wish I was heading to weekend 2 this week peeps!!! It's such a magical experience!! I'm ready for 2019....

So listen up fam... Let's get you guys ready for the festival and for camping. Down below... I have inserted two lists of items you should bring with you.. I didn't touch on clothes because everyone has their own style... Just bring enough for the weekend y'all lol! It's hot as hell in the daytime and cold as hell at night!!! Make sure you pack some items to stay warm as well! 

I hope this list brings you some useful tips.... Much Love Gorgeous Fam! - Melissa 

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