The Power of a Positive Environment!

Hey Beauty!

Let’s take a minute to look around the environment that you are in and the individuals that fill it up.

Have you ever thought that your surroundings are non-supportive and tend to hold you back from accomplishing goals daily?

Well let’s dive in, but first I want to tell you the only individual that can hold you back from achieving something is yourself. We should take the blame card off the table indeed.

Now, Do I think the individuals that you hang around are highly influential? YES! YES, I do indeed!

Some might even be compared to poison.

Now what should you do if you find yourself in this situation?

  1. Allow your family and friends in on your journey. After that, you can see if they fall on the supportive or non-supportive side.

*Side Note - Within our lives, we will always have a few people that just don’t have a supportive bone in their body and that is not our issue to deal with. At times, our best maneuver is to just allow them to stay in their unsupportive bubble as we move forward. Okay, lets get back to it!

2. Everyone, will not agree with what you’re doing, but you simply have to kindly disregard their input if it’s not beneficial and move past it at your own pace.

3. We thrive as humans when we are around other souls that want to grow and expand. It’s not always easy to find individuals on the same page, but thrust! They are out their and probably are looking for you as well!

4. Depending on your goals, in this day and age you can join groups online with individuals that are on the same path. Therefore, seek out your tribe and a positive environment to support you daily.

Now, it’s your turn to run and leap into the life that you have always dreamed of throughout your life with positive vibes swirling around you. Let me tell you something if you haven’t felt it before… Having a positive environment to thrive in is x 120,000 upgrade.

Vibes save lives…

Cheers Beauties,