Motivation Monday

Motivation Monday goes out to YOU!

What is keeping you motivated this week? I am motivated by the following:

  • Fight for my right to succeed!

  • Fight for my right to fail and try again!

  • Fight for the inside that wants to keep burning!

  • Fight for my right to prove I can always smash anything I put my mind to daily!

It really allows me to wake up with a smile when I know that I am moving forward.

Now, Let me tell you… I mean moving forward in anyway because we all know life happens.. therefore, we just have to put one foot in front of the other!

It’s another week to take the time to fully engage in your goals as well as maintain your day to day life!
I hope every step you take shows you how to embrace the high and lower moments as adding value and life lessons.

How the hell do I stay motivated?

  1. Make your goals clear!

  2. Break your goal down into small steps!

  3. Complete those small steps weekly and smile for rocking each part!

  4. Allow yourself to be proud of each small step that you accomplish!

  5. #repeat

It’s easy to give up and play the “Why me card?”, but it’s funnier to fight back and play the “Come at me card!

Therefore, Whatever your situation might be...

Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged and give up hope.. Always reach down in that tank and fight back! 

And as you’re fighting! Bring on that gorgeous smile and share it with this crazy, but beautiful world!

Cheers! I wish y’all an amazing week. 😘

Melissa - The Wellness Wolf