18 minute - Fat Loss Workout

Ready to sit on your a$$ and burn calories?

Well of course you have to put in some work first, but I’m going to let you in on a secret…, You can get away with only 30 minutes of exercise a day and continue burning like a fireplace!

THE AFTERBURN as people call it

WHAT? Melissa are you playing games with me girl? …. No. I would never dream about it!

So do you have 30 minutes?…Just say “YES!”

Or Just say “$hit of course I do”… Don’t even try to deny it. 

Let’s just start with the bread and butter…

Here is the reason why you want to kick that 30 minute treadmill walk to the side a few times a week.

EPOC: Excess post exercise oxygen consumption - Say what? …

.. So EPOC (this bad boy) allows your body to hit the “AFTERBURN”. The afterburn is where you can kick it on the beach after your workout and chill with your friends while your body burns, burns, and burns some more….

During EPOC your body realizes that you just went through an intense AF workout and it’s time to replenish your body. It wants to fill up your oxygen, energy storage, and as well as fix any muscle tissue that was damaged during your activity which in turn keeps your body working after you have finished your activity.

P.S. Of course, I’m going to include a workout in this post to try…, but hold on let’s gain some knowledge before you scroll straight down..

So let’s break down some basics to give you a better understanding of why you’re pushing yourself to sweat like a rebellious savage for the extra burn.


Here is a breakdown of a few terms to learn a little bit more about your bad A$$ body that is ready to perform for you daily. 

Warning: There are a few random looking words coming, but I’m going to break them down for you! :)

ATP: Adenosine Triphosphate - The energy piggy bank of your body. It fuels your daily activity. It has two forms of energy 1. Aerobic Energy (Let’s call this your debit card) & 2. Anaerobic Energy (Let’s call this your credit card)… So now you have two types of cash flow aka energy to fuel your day. 

Aerobic Energy: Is produced during a chill steady state workout (with oxygen)… (I.e. a light walk/ jog/ hiking/ distance swimming) When it’s easy for you to keep a consistent breathing pattern.

On the other hand,

Anaerobic Energy: Is produced when your body is pushed to the max (without oxygen) (I.e. sprinting, HIIT training, circuit training at a high tempo) - Anything that makes you question why they hell you’re putting your body through this type of workout. 

Today, we are going to focus on Anaerobic Energy!

When your body runs out of oxygen it is forced to replenish the supply (your storage) at a faster rate to balance out your body again and as this happens it speeds up your metabolic rate. Okay, so now you’re like “What’s Metabolic Rate?” Scroll please..

Metabolic Rate: Is the amount of calories that your body is burning while you are doing your day to day tasks (Example: Drinking coffee, studying, grocery shopping, running around Disneyland, and oh yeah working)


Does that make sense to you? I hope so :) - If not you’re more than welcome to contact me!

Melissa, I’m a beginner in the workout world.. Should I even attempt this?

Yes, you can attempt this, but I’m going to suggest a beginner method and then you can work your way up to the advanced set up.

So.. If I start with the beginner set up will I still get the same effect? The quick answer is yes and no, No, because you’re not pushing yourself to the max, but Yes because you’re still smashing a workout and either way your body will reap the benefits rather than not working out at all! Plus, you’re in and out in 30!

It’s a 18 minute full body workout in and out… Your body and waistline will thank you down the line ya’ll.

Alright straight to the workout details:

How Metabolic Resistance Training aka MRT - works:

It mainly focuses on working the large muscle groups at a quick pace without rest for 30 - 45 minutes with each circuit training. To start i’m going to introduce an 18 minute circuit to you and then we will move up to 30. I’m keeping all of my circuits 30 minutes or less.. So you can take those extra minutes for yourself.. Thank me now or later… up to you! :)

Back to it! You add in compound exercises (more than one muscle group - Example: Legs & Arms) to really get all of your muscles engaged throughout the workout.

Circuit Example: 

  1. Squat (Legs - Glutes) to Push Press (Shoulders)

  2. Bent over row (Back/ Arms & Core)

  3. Tricep Plank Kickback (Triceps / Core Stability)

  4. Dumbbell Punches (Back / Arms)

So if you made it to this point. You’re ready to get it!! Right?
Well my beauties here is the workout:

First: You will need to download a Tabata app to time your workout and make sure i’m not playing with you! lol

Tabata Links:

(iphone): https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/tabata-stopwatch-pro/id664563975?mt=8

Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.evgeniysharafan.tabatatimer&hl=en_US

Here is the time breakdown for Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance (You will plug these in your Tabata app)

This circuit consists of only 6 exercises

Beginner: 1 Circuit x Total = 18:00 minutes

  • 30 Seconds working set / 30 Seconds resting

Intermediate: 1 Circuit x Total = 18:00 minutes

  • 45 Seconds working set / 15 Seconds resting

Advance: 1 Circuit x Total = 18:00 minutes

  • 50 Seconds working set / 10 Seconds resting

Workout Below

Circuit (Strength Training + Cardio):

  1. Dumbbell Bent Over Row + Bicep Curl (Pick weights that will challenge you, but keep good form)

  2. Barbell Sumo Squat + Good Mornings

  3. Chess Press + Leg Lowers

  4. Side Lunge + Shoulder Push Press (Pick weights that will challenge you, but keep good form)

  5. Dumbbell Hip Thrust

  6. 10 Jumping Jacks + 10 Side to side Ski Jumps

Whenever you are lifting make sure to really focus on the contractions and mind body connection.

Here are all the exercise with more details below

This exercise is geared to work your back as well as your biceps. The bent over row should be nice and controlled. Make sure your bicep curls are controlled as you go through the motions.

This exercise is geared to work that A$$. To see growth in your booty, it is important to engage and squeeze hard at the top of the movement.

This exercise is geared to work your legs. You will feel the burn in your glutes (butt), a stretch in your hamstrings (back of your thigh), and a nice burn in your quads (Front thigh).

This exercise is geared to work your legs and Shoulders. You should feel a nice stretch within your inner thigh and really sit back to engage your glutes. When you push the weights up, make sure to protect your back by engaging your core (abs).

This exercise is geared to work your chest as well as your abs. When you press up, make sure to squeeze your chest. When lowering your legs, it is very important to to protect your back! Make sure to squeeze and engage your core for protection.

This exercise is geared to get you nice and sweaty! Get that heart pumping and work on your conditioning.

Thank you for checking out my blog! As always, I hope you’re having an amazing day and keeping your smile nice and bright lovely! If you try out the workout definitely let me know :)


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Best Wishes,

Mel (The Wellness Wolf)