What is your Motivation?

How do you stay motivated?? Really... How does an individual stay motivated and determined? 🤔

First off:

Take the time to appreciate yourself...
You are worth every dream, goal, and desire!
Dare to fail and try again... Within every journey we attempt is where we truly learn about ourselves .

I can't answer this question for everyone, but I can answer it for myself...

I am determined because I have goals that I want to accomplish in my lifetime... I want to show myself that I can push to a new level of mental strength... 

I wake up every morning with different emotions... 😜 Do you think I want to wake up and workout everyday at the crack of dawn... Hell No!! 😂 lol some days, I would love to snuggle up, but I roll out because...
1. I want to be in great health now and in the future.
2. I want to get my body to the competition level to accomplish one of my dreams. 
3. I genuinely love the feeling after a great lift or HIIT cardio session..
4. I want to help people achieve the healthier lifestyle that they might be looking for 👌
5. I love having a full day to work on projects and#live
6. Overall, to be the better version of me that I know I can be. I believe in myself and that belief mentally prepares me to drive and stay motivated 😁